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Hai uols..kastemerku syg sume....hihi..arini officially dstyle couture menjual kain saree ori from india!!!yes!!kepada sume peminat saree ni..sila la menjamu mata yer..pada yg suam suam kuku minat sare pun dijemput menjamu mata...hahhahaha..xder la...just joking..untung woo beli sari..dah la cantik..kain 6 meter suku plak tu..bleh wat 2 pasang baju kot!!
tp ai nk bgtau uols ni sari memg dtg dr india yer..bukan china or korea ker..or mana2 la..high quality silk..belah2 india utara pakai..yg artis bolywood kita tgk pakai tu..okes..xmo citer panjang..check it out!!!!



This type of Patil Silk saree is strip and unstiched, 6 metres in length. Basic element of saree, it is striply plain. The unique of this saree is that all woven works are neatly embroided with fine and colored songket thread. It has the borders on both side along 6 metres material.The full woven part is about 1.5 metres and leaving the rest plain. This demonstration is using one of the nice colour of Classic Green.

From left: Black Diamond, Blue Black, Electic Blue and Oceanic Blue
PT 01:  black diamond
PT 02:blue black (sold to nisa)   

PT 03:electic blue (sold to niena)

PT 04:oceanic blue (sold to ain)

from left : Classic Green and Bluish Turquois
PT 05: classic green (sold to mawa)

PT 06:bluish turquois (sold  to qnot)

From left: Seal Brown/ Purplish Brown, Dark Purple and Purple
PT 07: seal brown/purplish brown

PT 08:dark purple (sold to nena

PT 09:purple

From left: Brown (not available), MaroonCoral Red and Pink Lavender
PT 10:brown

PT 11:maroon (sold to adilla)

PT12:coral red

PT 13:pink lavender (sold to niena)


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